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Scope Group is a European leader in providing financial and business services, such as the provision of independent credit ratings of European companies, ESG analytics and research, and everything related to the European market. Scope Group was created as a European alternative to the Big Three.

Scope Group was founded in 2002 by Florian Scholler and is based in Berlin with offices in Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Oslo, and Paris.

The official website is available at the link: https://www.scopegroup.com/.

The Scope Group has three main areas of business:

1) Scope Ratings GmbH is Europe’s leading provider of independent credit ratings, market research, and independent credit analysis solutions across all asset classes. The official website is available at the link: https://scoperatings.com/.

Scope provides credit ratings for corporations and financial and sovereign issuers on the following scales: Issuer Rating (for example, Agder Energi AS) and Foreign Currency Issuer Rating (for example, Germany).

In addition, the agency also assigns credit ratings to:

1) senior unsecured debt (for example, Casino Guichard);

2) senior secured debt (for example, Casino Guichard);

3) subordinated bonds (for example, Casino Guichard);

4) senior unsecured, preferred bonds;

5) non-preferred bonds of senior unsecured debt (for example, BN Bank ASA).

The Cbonds site provides Scope Ratings for more than 200 issuers, as well as their debt securities.

2) Scope ESG Analysis offers an ESG impact analysis based on a quantitative macroeconomic model that covers a company’s entire supply chain. The official website is available at the following link: https://scopeone.com/esg-analysis.

3) Scope Fund Analysis is Europe’s leading provider of research and ratings for investment funds and asset managers. The official website is available at the following link: https://scope-one.com/fund-analysis.

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