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Кредит: Belinvestbank, 04.2011

Інформація по кредиту

  • Країна
  • Статус
  • Тип
  • Вид
  • Обсяг
    58.500.000 USD
  • Підписання
    Квітень 2011
  • Погашення
    Квітень 2012
  • Мета кредиту
  • Специфіка кредиту
    Проміжний кредит, Ісламський кредит, За участю міжнародної організації, Субординований кредит, Клубний кредит, Мультивалютний кредит, Амортизований кредит, Угода з ECA, ESG
  • Розрахункова ставка, %
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  • Збільшення суми кредиту
  • Інформація по дод. траншу
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  • Зміна умов кредиту
  • Забезпечення та гарантії
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Belinvestbank JSC was founded by merger of “Belbusinessbank” JSC (founded on September 1, 1992) and “Belarusian Bank of Development” JSC (founded on May 14, 1997). The Bank was registered on September 3, 2001 by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, the registration number is 807000028. Belinvestbank JSC is a modern financial institution offering high-level banking products to a wide range of businesses and private customers. One of its core functions is providing an effective credit for the industries of the real sector of the economy of Belarus, specializing in the investment in new technologies and machinery. Additionally, the Bank effects international settlements, provides currency exchange services and other banking services. Belinvestbank is one of the top five Belarusian banks by the criteria of capital and total assets. The Bank has an extensive branch network throughout the country which contributes to its ability to offer high quality and prompt services to the Bank’s customers. Presently the Bank serves more than 36,000 corporate and about 1,000,000 retail customers. Belinvestbank acts as the state investment projects agent, the Government and Ministry of Finance agent appointed to serve foreign loans to the Republic of Belarus, and is also the agent for the World Bank’s programs in Belarus. The Bank’s credit policy is aimed at diversification of risks through support of sound businesses operating in a wide range of industries.

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    Belinvestbank JSC
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