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Foreign bond

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Foreign bond is a bond issued in the domestic market of a certain country by a foreign organization in the currency of the domestic market. The concept of a foreign bond is collective and general for some especially popular types of bonds, for example:

Kangaroo Bond

Yankee Bond

Panda Bond

Samurai Bond

The main characteristics of foreign bonds are as follows:

1. The issuer is not a resident of the country where the placement takes place.

2. The issue currency is always the currency of the placement country.

3. Often the organization of the issue occurs with the help of local market participants where the placement takes place.

4. As a general rule, foreign bonds may be freely acquired by non-residents of the country where the placement takes place.

The advantages of foreign bonds: 1. Ensuring access of domestic investors to liquid capital.

2. Leveling of currency risks for private investors.

3. Higher yield compared to similar non-foreign bonds.

The disadvantages (risks) of foreign bonds: 1. Longer issuance procedure compared to classic bonds.

2. In some cases there is a risk of double taxation (in the case of Samurai bonds).

3. Less flexible placement options due to special regulation.


Rabobank, FRN 27jan2027, AUD

Mercedes-Benz Group, 2.46% 15dec2026, CAD

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