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Cbonds Page: Credit Europe Bank (ІПН 7705148464, свідоцтво про ОДРН 1037739326063)

назва організації Credit Europe Bank
повна назва організації «Credit Europe Bank Ltd.»
реєстраційна форма Joint-stock company
країна ризику Russia
країна реєстрації Russia
галузь Banks
адреса 129090, Moscow, Olimpiyskiy prospect, 14
телефон +7 495 7254040
факс +7 495 7254013
e-mail fi@crediteurope.ru
сайт http://www.crediteurope.ru
ICB 8300 Banks


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  • КПП
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CEB Ltd is a universal credit institution offering corporate, SME and private clients a wide range of banking services and products. As of the end of 2010, CEB Ltd offered services to 2 million retail borrowers and depositors and over 10,000 corporate and SME clients. CEB Ltd is one of the Top 50 largest Russian banks in terms of total assets size. Since the opening of its first branch, CEB Ltd has been consistently expanding its regional footprint. Today, CEB Ltd branches operate in all economically developed regions of Russia, and a relatively dense network covers Moscow and the Moscow region. As at end of 2010, CEB Ltd’s domestic network consisted of more than 4.200 points of sale, over 120 branches in more than 22 regions across Russia. Our bank's stability and development have been sustained through a strong focus on sound, conservative banking practices and a superior level of customer service. CEB Ltd employs a business model that lets the bank make service-focused decisions–about credit, products and other aspects of its operations—as quickly, consistently and as close to the customer as possible. CEB Ltd is owned by Credit Europe Bank N.V., a global leader in financial services. Credit Europe Bank N.V. is headquartered in the Netherlands and is supervised by the Dutch Central Bank. Consequently CEB is supervised by the Russian and Dutch Central Banks. On its turn, Credit Europe Bank N,V is owned by Fiba Group, one of the largest financial conglomerates in Turkey./06,2011 CEB Ltd. was established as a closed joint stock company under the laws of the Russian Federation on 23 May 1997. The core business areas of CEB Ltd are corporate, retail and SME Banking, supported and complemented with its expertise in treasury transactions as well as domestic and international trade finance products and services. Over the years, CEB Ltd developed a wide correspondent network of well-known banks across the globe and distinguished itself as an international player among its peer group banks. CEB Ltd's clients comprise all segments of business life including large, medium and small-scale companies, whose needs are catered with innovative banking products and services. As of 31 December 2007, Credit Europe Bank Ltd had over 900 corporate banking customers, 6,000 SME customers and over 1.8 million private customers. Operating through 46 branches in Moscow and 86 branches in the regions, CEB Ltd expanded gradually over the years to cover all geographical regions of the country where economic and industrial activity were vibrant. CEB Ltd has traditionally adopted a prudent banking culture that complies fully with national and international risk management standards and corporate governance principles. Shareholders Credit Europe Bank N.V., an entity controlled by Fiba Group, holds 95 per cent of the share capital of Credit Europe Bank Ltd. Credit Europe Bank N.V. is a commercial bank headquartered in Amsterdam, regulated by the Dutch National Bank. Credit Europe Bank N.V. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Europe Group N.V. The remaining shares of CEB Ltd are owned by Credit Europe Group N.V. and others.


Head of Bond Issue
+7 (495) 981-38-00 доб. 7442
+7 (495) 725-40-41
Fixed Income Trader
+74957254024, +74957254040 доб. 7212
+7495 725 40 13

Кредитні рейтинги емітента

АгентствоРейтинг / ПрогнозРейтингова шкалаДата
ACRA***ACRA national rating scale for the Russian Federation***
Moody's Investors Service***LT- foreign currency***
Moody's Investors Service***LT- local currency***
Fitch Ratings***LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.)***
Fitch Ratings***National Scale (Russia)***
Moody's Interfax Rating Agency***National Scale (Russia)***

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Обсяг випусків в обігу

Валюта Випуски в обігу Сумарний обсяг
RUB 1 5 000 000 000
USD 1 250 000 000

Боргові зобов'язання

Папір Обсяг, млн Статус
Credit Europe Bank, 001P-01 5 000 RUB outstanding
Credit Europe Bank, 8.5% 15nov2019, USD 250 USD outstanding
Credit Europe Bank, BO-17 5 000 RUB expected
Credit Europe Bank, BO-13 4 000 RUB expected
Credit Europe Bank, BO-11 4 000 RUB expected
Credit Europe Bank, BO-16 5 000 RUB expected
Credit Europe Bank, BO-12 4 000 RUB expected
Credit Europe Bank, BO-10 4 000 RUB redeemed
Credit Europe Bank, BO-15 5 000 RUB redeemed
Credit Europe Bank, BO-14 5 000 RUB redeemed
Кредит Обсяг, млн Статус
Credit Europe Bank, 2, 03.2014 25 EUR Redeemed
Credit Europe Bank, 1, 03.2014 50 USD Redeemed
Credit Europe Bank, 12.2013 5 500 RUB Redeemed
Credit Europe Bank, B, 08.2011 150 USD Redeemed
Credit Europe Bank, A, 08.2011 100 USD Redeemed
Credit Europe Bank, 11.2007 120 USD Redeemed
Credit Europe Bank, 8.2006 70 USD Redeemed
Credit Europe Bank, 6.2005 40 USD Redeemed

Участь в угодах

Папір Обсяг, млн Статус
O'KEY, BO-05 5 000 RUB Underwriter
Russian Agricultural Bank, 11 5 000 RUB Co-underwriter
Russian Agricultural Bank, 10 5 000 RUB Co-underwriter
RZD, 12 15 000 RUB
Кредит Обсяг, млн Статус
Access Bank, 03.2014 60 USD Co-lead manager

Основні показники МСФЗ/US GAAP

показник 3Q 2017 4Q 2017 1Q 2018 2Q 2018
6Total assets (тис, RUB) *** *** *** ***
19Equity (тис, RUB) *** *** *** ***
31Loan portfolio (тис, RUB) *** *** *** ***
9Deposits (тис, RUB) *** *** *** ***
34Tier I capital adequacy % *** *** *** ***
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Розрахункові показники МСФЗ/US GAAP

показник 3Q 2017 4Q 2017 1Q 2018 2Q 2018
71Assets, YoY (%) *** *** *** ***
72Equity, YoY (%) *** *** *** ***
73Operating expense ratio *** *** *** ***
74Loan-to-deposit ratio *** *** *** ***
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Всі показники МСФЗ / US GAAP

рік 1 кв 2 кв 3 кв 4 кв
2018 1кв 2кв -
2017 1кв 2кв 3кв 4кв
2016 1кв 2кв 3кв 4кв

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Консолідована звітність МСФЗ / US GAAP

рік 1кв 1пол 9міс рік
3.04 M нац
9.37 M eng
2.78 M нац
1.95 M eng
6.8 M нац
7.23 M eng
3.65 M нац
2.17 M eng
1.68 M нац
1.33 M eng
6.3 M нац
4.89 M eng
9.63 M нац
2.22 M нац
1.47 M eng
10.08 M нац
7.68 M eng
5.23 M нац
4.09 M eng

Щоквартальні звіти емітента

рік 1кв 1пол 9міс рік
11.28 M нац
7.79 M нац
12.24 M нац
17.88 M нац
5.61 M нац
3.95 M нац
8.51 M нац
4.04 M нац
2.85 M нац
2.49 M нац

річні звіти

рік на нац. мові англійською
0.54 M нац
0.57 M нац
0.51 M нац
0.63 M нац
0.34 M нац
0.85 M нац
1.5 M нац
1.36 M нац
1.2 M нац
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