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Cbonds Page: IFC Solid (ІПН 5008009854, свідоцтво про ОДРН 1027739045839)

назва організації IFC Solid
повна назва організації Solid Investment and Financial Company
реєстраційна форма Joint-stock company
країна ризику Russia
адреса 32A Horoshevskoe Shosse, Moscow, 123007, Russia
телефон 8 (800) 250-70-10
факс 8 (495) 228-70-10
e-mail trade@solidbroker.ru
сайт http://www.solidbroker.ru/


  • ІПН
  • КПП
  • ОДРН
  • ОКПО
  • pre-LEI / LEI


Solid Investment  Financial

 «Technologies. Expertise. Result»

Solid IFC today:

-Provides access to stock trades with all Russian financial assets as well as many foreign assets

-Russian private custody since 1998 - protection of investor rights and services of securities

-Effective Private Asset management on financial markets

-Organization and underwriting of bond issues, securitization of assets

-Investment and custody services

-A reliable partner in evaluation and consulting services for the largest companies and structures


TOP-10 "Client-focused investment companies of 2012"

The company ranks among the top-20 brokerage companies in Russia

Solid Investment Financial has a reputation as a reliable partner on the stock market, both among Russian and foreign securities investors.

-Rating NRA «АА (very high reliability, first level).

-Rating NRA «А» (high level of creditworthiness)

-The company is liquidity provider for the Russian market for futures and options for commodities.


Highlighted figures for Solid Investment Financial:

Capital position  > 240 million of roubles

Position of net assets > 21 billion of roubles

 Quantity of customers

> 11 000

Number of staff


Key benefits:

-Strong system of risk management

-Profitable system for scheduling fees: no dealings- no commission

-Technical support 24/7

-Modern system of online selling

-Personal portfolio-based decisions for each client

Solid Investment Financial is known as an active participant on the stock market. The company maintains a strong position among the largest Russian brokers on volumes of trade turnovers committed by at various stock sites.

Solid Investment Financial, in cooperation with Bank Zenit, issued the first bonds for the Tatneft oil company at a valuation of around 200 million roubles.

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Director on Capital Markets
+7 495 228 70 10 *1288
+7 495 228 70 10
+7(495)228-70-10 *1246
+7 (495) 228-70-10 *1098




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Участь в угодах

Папір Обсяг, млн Статус
Legenda, 001P-01 2 000 RUB Bookrunner
Solid-Leasing, BO-001-01 200 RUB Bookrunner
Solid-Leasing, CO_SL-008 34 RUB Bookrunner
Mortgage Agent Metallinvest-2, 01 2 728 RUB Bookrunner
Solid-Leasing, CO_SL-007 36 RUB Bookrunner
Stolichny Zalogovy Dom, BO-001-02 300 RUB Bookrunner
STLC, 001P-09 10 000 RUB Underwriter
Levenhuk, BO-01 100 RUB Bookrunner
Solid-Leasing, CO_SL-006 30 RUB Bookrunner
Solid-Leasing, CO_SL-005 55 RUB Bookrunner
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200 000
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