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Cbonds Page: GLOBAL Broker-Dealer

назва організації GLOBAL Broker-Dealer
повна назва організації GLOBAL Broker-Dealer AD
реєстраційна форма Joint-stock company
країна ризику Montenegro
галузь Financial institutions
телефон +382 20 667 280
e-mail trading@global-montenegro.com
сайт http://www.global-montenegro.com/


GLOBAL Broker-Diler AD was established in 2007 as a joint stock company in order to meet high level demands of investors and provide prompt and high quality service of trading with securities.

As a result of daily work of our professional staff we have managed to become a significant participant in regional and world capital markets and in a short period of time. Our strategy represents a steady and gradual increase in the quality and a variety of services we provide to clients, followed by applying latest innovations in the industry.

GLOBAL Broker-Dealer is member of Montenegro Stock Exchange, Central Depository Agency and is regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission of Montenegro


Executive director
+382 20 667 280


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