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Cbonds Page: DSK Bank

назва організації DSK Bank
повна назва організації DSK Bank
країна ризику Bulgaria
країна реєстрації Bulgaria
галузь Banks
адреса Moskovska Street 19 Sofia, Bulgaria, 1036
сайт https://dskbank.bg/


  • pre-LEI / LEI


DSK Bank is the oldest bank in Bulgaria and the market leader in retail and private banking, with an established presence in the Corporate and SME segment. Since 2003 it has been part of OTP Group, headquartered in Hungary. Servicing some three million customers, DSK Bank practically reaches every Bulgarian family. Disposing of the largest branch network in Bulgaria, the bank has an incomparable service-provision infrastructure, it is well acquainted with the local potential and offers high level of servicing through individual approach and full range of bank products and services, which are tailor made to the needs of all customer segments. DSK Bank was established in 1951 as a state savings institution – the only deposit and credit institution in Bulgaria at that time. With the adoption of the Law on DSK Reformation dated April 15, 1998, DSK was transformed into a commercial bank. In January 1999 DSK became a state-owned stock company named DSK Bank. In October of 2003 after a privatization OTP Bank of Hungary became the sole owner of DSK Bank.


Money Market & Fixed Income Dealer
+359 2 939 11 04

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Боргові зобов'язання

Папір Обсяг, млн Статус
OTP Bank, 1.2% 16may2020, USD 0 USD outstanding
OTP Bank, 1.2% 4apr2020, USD 0 USD outstanding
OTP Bank, 1.2% 21feb2020, USD 2 USD outstanding
OTP Bank, 1% 20dec2019, USD 15 USD outstanding
OTP Bank, 0% 31may2023, HUF (1628D) 86 HUF outstanding
OTP Bank, 0% 31may2021, HUF (898D) 532 HUF outstanding
OTP Bank, 0% 31may2019, HUF (167D) 1 046 HUF outstanding
OTP Bank, 0% 31may2022, HUF (1263D) 362 HUF outstanding
OTP Bank, 0% 31may2020, HUF (533D) 794 HUF outstanding
OTP Bank, 1% 15nov2019, USD 1 USD outstanding
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