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South Korean Bonds on Cbonds

June 27, 2018 | Cbonds

Dear Cbonds users! We are pleased to inform you that Cbonds is expanding the coverage of international markets. South Korean bonds were added to the database (http://cbonds.com/bondsearch/). In total, 11,391 issues of South Korean internal corporate bonds are available on the website.



South Korea is one of the most dynamically developing economies of the Asia region. The country ranks 11th in the world for GDP. The South Korean economic growth rate at year-end 2017 was 3.1 %, which is the maximum index for the country’s economy during the last 3 years.


South Korea has one of the highest credit ratings in the context of Emerging Markets. The country even outruns its powerful neighbors, Japan and China, in terms of these indices. In 2015-2016, Moody’s and S&P raised the long-term credit rating for South Korea up to Aa2 and AA levels respectively with stable outlook. The long-term foreign currency credit rating of South Korea is Aa2/AA/AA- (M/S&P/F) (http://cbonds.com/ratings/history/).


The dynamic development of South Korean economy is primarily due to development of market economy, attraction of foreign investments, and creation of favorable business environment. At the same time, the main threats to further economic growth of South Korea are geopolitical risks, strong dependence on exports, and a rapidly aging population.


Financial market

A unified trading facility (Korea Exchange, KRX), formed by means of the country’s main stock exchanges merger, has been in effect in South Korea since 2005. The Korea Exchange is included into the Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation and ranks 15th in the world for market capitalization and 11th for listing.


The Korea Exchange major stock index (KOSPI) grew by almost 22 % in 2017, showing the best dynamics since 2010 and updating its historic highs. It is worth noting that the securities of South Korean issuers generated maximum profits to investors among other Emerging Markets in 2017.


Improved macroeconomic performance and relatively stable South Korean exports resulted in decrease in five-year CDS spreads in early 2018 as well (http://cbonds.com/indexes/). Amid massive outflow of capital from EM since the beginning of the year, the net capital inflow from foreign investors to the South Korean market exceeded $8 billion.


Bond market characteristic

The bond market of South Korea is one of the largest markets in Asia. Graduate market deregulation led to its rapid development. The Eurobond market volume of South Korea is about $137 billion.


Currently, both the list of issuers and a range of issued bonds on the South Korean market are very large. Bonds are traded on the market both with a fixed interest rate and with a floating one. Bonds are traded on the Korea Exchange. Issue of Doosan Engineering & Construction, 2.5% 21mar2020, KRW is an example of issue with a fixed interest rate and issue of Woori Bank, FRN 12dec2044, KRW is an example of issue with a floating interest rate.


Bond calculator, basic parameters of placement, securities payment schedule, issue documents are traditionally available for all issues. Daily quotes are also available for issues.


Please pay your attention that access to the website (http://cbonds.com/) is included into Cbonds-Premium tariff. If you have not gained the access to the Global.Cbonds website yet, you may use all the opportunities and estimate the advantages of the website by applying for a trial access (http://cbonds.com/about/paccess.php). Information is available in eight languages: Russian, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, and Ukrainian.

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